Teen Coffee Hour!

Monday – Friday| 6-7pm|10% off a la carte designs| Ages 13-18 

Saturday| 2-3pm|10% off a la carte designs| Ages 13-18 

Get together with your friends in a fun, creative, and inspiring environment for an awesome, laid back design session! Make something fierce with your friends and meet other teens who share a passion for art and fashion just like you. 


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*Parties of four or more receive 10% off and a free patch for their first design.

*Follow us on Instagram at @cherylfudge and receive an additional free small embroidered patch from our rad selection.

*Have something in your closet or from another store that you want to make even better? Bring it in and re-style it to your satisfaction.

* Each designer gets a complimentary choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate! Snacks will also be provided.

*Free WIFI

If you post a picture of your Teen Coffee hour design session on Instagram, using our hashtag, #cherylfudgeDIY, you receive a free small embroidered patch!

What should I make?!

Here are some awesome ideas to get your creative gears turning!

  • Need a sweatshirt to represent your new club at school? Make a one-of-a-kind hoodie here with other members of your club!
  • Make some pride shirts for an upcoming pep rally at school with your buddies! Add numbers that represent your favorite football star, rep your school colors, and show off how much spirit you have.
  • Make some siiiick band t-shirts with your bandmates
  • Make the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or other significant person in your life
  • Make friendship bracelets, necklaces or t-shirts with your BFFs
  • Make the perfect outfit for that theme party coming up at the end of the year! 
  • Make your old jeans as rad as you are! Bring them in an add rips, patches, flannel peekaboos and other embellishments that will make your classmates jealous.
  • Make an edgy punk rock flannel with vintage patches, skulls and lace
  • Channel T-swift and make a floppy, felt hat with embroidered patches and ribbon
  • Make an infinity scarf with your choice of two vintage scarves – “sew retro!”
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