Safoura  Majma

Hair Accessory Designer. Mother. Entrepreneur. 

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 Newly designed…
* headbands
* flower crowns
* lace crowns, clips
* bobby pins



My name is Safoura and I am located in Los Angeles. I started KiKi Handcrafted in 2015. I’ve always had a passion for crafting and creating something new and different.

I had my daughter in 2013 and like any mother I wanted to doll her up and have certain colors or styles for her hair but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I decided to get back into crafting and designing hair accessories and from a hobby it turned out to be my biggest passion. The more pieces I made for her, friends and family would see them and encourage me to sell them.

I named my line KiKi Handcrafted after my daughter’s name and by word of mouth started selling my pieces.

IMG_5361I love creating new head pieces and accessories. Everything in my shop is hand made with love and passion. In each piece I make I put a piece of me. From choosing the colors to picking the flowers, beads, buttons, jewels even the lay out. Some pieces I have created have been headbands with layered flowers, rosettes, pearls, rhinestones and lace, some with vintage feel. I make them for children and adults. I also make a variety of hair clips, hair ties, crowns, hair combs and bobby pins. I take pride in every accessory I put out. I’ve come a long way since 2013 and continue to grow daily as new challenges arise. I strive to make each piece unique and not like the other. When you purchase my pieces I want you to get a one of a kind every time. IMG_5385

I love what I do, I enjoy seeing people wear my

creations and I love hearing stories about how children feel like princesses when they wear my accessories. I love making that special occasion last forever. When I make my headbands I think of it being used many times and each time be good as new.
IMG_5390Thank you so much for taking the time out to view my shop. I appreciate your time and business. This is a one-woman operation and because of that, if you need more than what is listed in my shop please do not hesitate to contact me, whether it’s a color change, theme, specific design or flower. The challenge of a special order always makes me happy. I hope you enjoy my accessories as much as I love making them.



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