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Welcome to the world’s first experiential open design studio established on Nantucket Island in 2001!

Our  brand is on the leading edge of fashion, inviting our customers
to design custom, one-of-a-kind garments. In our open design studio, we can see fashion trends as they are unfolding and the next big designers as they are emerging. Our unique experience allows customers to discover their creative selves and expand their personal vision. No other brand can adapt to the ever-changing world of fashion as quickly as we can; we have the ability to create new looks every day!

 We seek to innovate and revolutionize fashion, providing an immersive and inspiring creative experience for our customers.

We love inspiring you, our customers, and promise to bring new exciting ideas into our stores that make you re-think & re-design the meaning of ‘fashion.


 Cheryl Fudge XOX